OCC Ministries

Kids Ministries

At OCC, we love kids!  Our desire is for them to not just know about God, but to know God - to have a close relationship with Him.  We promise to do our part to help "our kids" to follow Jesus more closely and to become more and more like Him.  We recognize that parents/caregivers have the most influence on their kids, thus we seek to complement the good things going on at home, and to supplement those things that aren't happening quite yet.  Our kids' ministry happens on Sunday mornings during our worship gathering.  The kids (ages 3 to grade 6) are dismissed partway through, where they go their ministry space to worship God through song, and learn more about God's big's story (the Bible).

Youth Ministries

Normally, our middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12) meet on alternating Tuesday evenings at the church building.  These gatherings are meant to be fun, but also meaningful.

At present, we are still looking for some volunteers, passionate about Jesus and about walking with students in life.  When we are able to recruit these people, we will let you that our youth groups are back on.  If you'd like to be communicated with when this happens, please email Pastor Laurence ([email protected]).


Our lifegroups are smaller (6-12 people) gatherings (usually taking place in people's homes) sometime during the week.  Our lifegroups usually meet weekly, though some might meet every other week.  When they gather, they study God's Word together, pray together, eat together, spend time together, and care for one another.  If you are interested in belonging to a lifegroup, please reach out to Pastor Laurence ([email protected]).

Music Teams

Music is an important aspect of our Sunday morning worship gatherings.  We are always open to more musicians, singers, and tech people contributing to this significant part of our worship of God.  Presently, Monica Thiessen leads this team of faithful people.  If you are interested in joining the team, please reach out to Pastor Laurence ([email protected]) and he will be happy to connect you with Monica.


When we read about the early church in Acts 2:42-47, we realize that they were together so often.  THE MESSAGE paraphrase of the Bible calls this doing "life together."  Potlucks.  Picnics.  Etc.  We love to be together, and there's always more room "at the table."  Choose to do life together with us.

At present, we are actively looking for someone to lead this ministry.


We are closely connected to a number of missionaries in other parts of the world.  Beyond this, we also have a few local missionaries/ministries that we support.  Brian Weightman oversees our missions efforts, keeping missions - both global and local - constantly on our radar.  If you'd like to speak to Brian, please reach out to Pastor Laurence ([email protected]) and he'll connect you with Brian.